Akvakristal Eco - purification of water in your pool


Now the owners of private houses and cottages often install pools on the territory of the infield. This allows to cool the hot days have their own pond and relax with comfort.

but, setting the pool, care should be taken proper care of by the reservoir and disinfection of water in it. Besides garbage, fall into the pool, in water accumulating bacteria, which can cause harm to human health. When draining water from the pool is necessary to ensure its safety for plants and the environment.

Purification of water in the pool - an important task, which should be given due consideration. popular and, at first sight, affordable means for color reduction, odor control and maintain a satisfactory state of health pool is chloro. Its use is quite common in public pools and water treatment plants. Its useful to note, that chlorination has delayed adverse effect on the human body. Poison penetrates the respiratory system and skin, can provoke the appearance of severe illnesses.

For qualitative and safe disinfection basin is recommended to use modern technology, such as eco water treatment analogs of natural biopolymers.

We offer you a unique disinfectant preparation German production Akvakristal. It does not contain harmful chlorine, It is an analog of a natural polymer, emitted plants with lesions to prevent microbial contamination. The preparation includes employed for disinfecting medical instruments and ammonium chloride polymers. Means approved by the International Health Organization and is recommended for use for all types of pools.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • safe and effective removal of bacteria and viruses in the pool;
  • preventing the emergence of algae and fungi;
  • lack of odor and taste;
  • non-volatility (not evaporate);
  • security (completely harmless to the human body, antiallergennыy);
  • preserving all properties even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
  • loyalty (It does not have a negative impact on technical equipment);
  • practicality (It preserves the water in the pool for long, up to 3 months period).
  • safety for plants (water is suitable for irrigation)

Akvakristal - is a universal means, which is produced in the volume containers 1, 3 and 5 liters. So you can pick up suitable option for any pool. In order to keep the pool clean 6 Lunar - 30m3 quite enough 2 liters of fluid. This water treatment means valid for three months. During extended use of the pool is necessary, every 2 of the month, add a maintenance dose volume of 10 ml per 1 m3 water. After entering the liquid in the water can bathe after 15 minutes!

Processing Akvakristal has undisputed superiority over customary chlorination water. Eco means no extra additives against the emergence and development of algae, flocculants, pH adjusters, as well as for the preservation of the winter pool. Your belongings do not lose color and are not destroyed by the negative action of chlorine. The water becomes clear and transparent. BUT, the main thing, you can be sure, that the drug will not have adverse effects on your body.

You can place your order and get the drug at the nearest branch of the "New Mail".

Comparison and characterization of chlorine akvakristala

the rate - Pool 30 cube. on 2 of the month

Chlorine Akvakristal
Price for cleaning 2 of the month 740 UAH 150 UAH
consumption 2 of the month 1.2 kg – 216 UAH 300 ml - 150 UAH
The addition of anti-algae (algaecide) on 2 of the month 600 ml - 124 UAH Not necessary
PH Minus on 2 of the month 2 kg – 57 UAH Not necessary
conservation 2 l – 342 UAH Not necessary
The regularity of uploads 8-14 days 2 of the month
Reduced efficacy in sunlight Yes Not
The preparation of the pool 1 time 15 minutes
It is volatile Yes Not
Hair Peresushyvaet Not
leather Irritation Not
Lungs (inhalation) Allergy Not
swimsuit disrupts Not
accessories etches color Not