sports pool for home

Construction of sports pools

Construction of swimming pools for the whole family

Build a turnkey sports pool Specialists of TOV VKF Etalon will help you.
We have a large selection offiberglass sports pools, which we will deliver and install on a turnkey basis. Look at the pool models page
Construction, delivery and installation is carried out throughout Ukraine. Phone 067 112 00 22 or order a call from the site

With experience in pool construction, Etalon offers winning solutions with a unique and original style for those, who wants to exercise at home.

For those, who wants to get sports pool, a good shape is a classic rectangular pool. Lovers, having enough space in the garden, may think about, to make a narrow and long strip, how in public swimming pools.

But it's not the only alternative.: in each pool with traditional shapes and sizes, Suitable for swimming and active life, you can complete them with the perfect accessories to support your figure. Here are a few.

Photos of sports pools

Accessories and equipment for training in the pool

Countercurrent systembut, thanks to the air jet, generates a strong flow of water, where you can swim, staying put, and can also be installed in small pools.

For those, who wants to build pool with bunker, allowing to have greater depth even in one zone of the pool, trampoline - It is a great accessory for children's entertainment, as well as for learning to dive.

In these pools support steps around the perimeter may be useful, to ensure rest even there, where the water is higher.

To provide a longer seasonal training period or to maintain a constant and controlled water temperature heating/cooling system perfect.

Also, sports pools can be treated with quality materials, emphasizing their exclusive and special style, and integrated with hydromassage accessories, to relax the muscles at the end of the workout and ensure full satiety. well-being. new energy.

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