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The pool is a great opportunity to keep the body in good shape, even in the city of Kiev mnogomillionnike.

Turnkey pool – This vacation without leaving home, a place of entertainment for children and exciting leisure activities for all the family.

Etalon company occupies a leading position among manufacturers and suppliers of this type of product.

Заказывая бассейн под ключ, you get a full range of services:

  • soil investigation at the site of the planned deployment of the bowl;
  • advice on choosing the Model Basin, the most satisfying your needs;
  • creating a unique project;
  • production capacity of the desired dimensions and parameters;
  • installation - there is also an option, as Pool turnkey directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries;
  • warranty service.

Highly qualified specialists of the company have been working in the field of manufacture and installation of swimming pools more 20 years old, so that can find a solution even in the most unusual situations. when intention turnkey order pool at an affordable cost, you will get a detailed consultation, as well as advice on the selection and maintenance of not only the bowl, but also the accompanying equipment - filtration systems, devices for heating, covering.

All products, we offer customers, It is made exclusively from high-tech materials, do not contain harmful impurities. Another our advantage - a wide range of (20 kinds of bowls of traditional and original form), which is constantly updated with new positions. All bowls are in the base layer with gidrobarernym.

construction of pools - one of the main directions of the company, which allows you to give your home a unique flavor and equipped with a comfortable sitting area of ​​your relatives and friends.

Construction of the pool in the garden – this decision, which causes a contradiction in our climate. Should be considered, that the pool did not get to use the whole year, therefore it is necessary to think, how to extend the swimming season.

When is the best time to build turnkey pools?

The best time – early spring or autumn, when builders have less work. If the pool is built in the fall, the area can be easily changed in spring. When, if you install a pavilion, the pool can be used in autumn.

Experts advise your pool

  1. Order the construction of a "turnkey" pool from professional companies, engaged in the production of swimming pools. Experts will help you choose the optimal type of pool, will advise the quality of materials.

2. Don't buy a kids pool for two years. Turnkey fiberglass pools and you have a pool for decades and a guarantee for all the work done.

Строительство бассейна под ключ

Composite pools are a successful combination of the latest developments in the field of pool construction and simple installation methods.. Composite pool construction includes a set of necessary preparatory work, which should be entrusted exclusively to professionals. The initial stage for such an installation is a discussion of all the details of the position of the pool and the adjacent territory with the customer..

1. Site study for the future pool

All the nuances are clarified, which may affect the construction of the pool, dependence of communication lines, position relative to the sunny side, etc.. A development project is being developed and approved, containing the master plan, specifications, marking of communication lines for water supply, electrical lines (of necessity) and sewerage. In some cases, for a more rational location of the pool, demolition or relocation of some minor buildings on the site is required, what is specified and discussed with the customer, since it is included in the category of additional construction work.

2. Conclusion of a contract and preparation of a pit

An agreement is concluded for a specific list of works with the executive organization. Детализируется процесс доставки и разгрузки бассейна на место эксплуатации.

3. Pool delivery to the site

By the time the preliminary work is completed, pool delivery to the site. With the help of a manipulator or a truck crane, it is unloaded into the pit.

4. Setting poolside, connection of communications

Final piping and connection of water supply lines, electricians, sewerage and auxiliary systems are carried out at this stage of work;

Cleaning and preparing to fill the pool with water is also an important part of the installation.

Backfilling the side walls of the pool is carried out simultaneously with filling it with water. Roughly the water level in the pool should be equal to the backfill level. Leveling and leveling are corrected;

5. Arrangement of the adjacent territory

After the pool is finally in place, it is necessary to equip the adjacent area to it. On its dried surface, it will be possible to install studs on the studs to secure the deck board around the pool;

6. Commissioning works, completion of installation

Installation and connection of equipment is carried out in parallel

At the end, commissioning works are carried out, проверяется исправность всех коммуникационных систем бассейна. The pool is ready for use.

Composite pools turnkey