composite pool - elite

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  • The length of the bowl - 11,40 m
  • Width cups - 4,10 m

  • The height of the cup - 1,60 m

  • The volume of the pool - 70 m3

  • The maximum weight of the insulated cup -1255 kg

  • The height of the rim - 100 mm

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compositeth Elite Pool - it combines style and functionality. Unique and stylish design looks great Elite pool in the backyard of your site. pool design created specifically to unobstructed swimming corridor for those, who loves sports and entertainment. Pool is large enough, namely 11 m, there is a good solution for hotels.

But more often this the pool is ordered for a country house, as for example for a home in the Kiev region

The classic version of the pool. Its elegance captures. Nothing extra, that would impede swimming lessons, fitness and other sports. Steps have been specifically designed and placed separately from the swimming pool area, This creates a personal space comfortable recreation areas. Due to its size the pool can be used at home, a recreation center, sanatoriums, restaurant, hotel.
  • ELITE fiberglass pool for swimming.
  • We specifically carried recreation area outside of the cup, thus we give the owner more room for water treatment.
  • With a 11-meter length, fiberglass pools Elite attract owners of country houses and sports facilities, where a marker for the professional swimming pond.

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