Pool - Leader-2


  • The length of the bowl - 8,63 m

  • Width cups - 3,33 m

  • The height of the cup - 1,60 m / 1.10 m

  • The maximum weight of the insulated cup - 550 kg

  • volume - 36 m3

  • The height of the rim - 65 mm

Prices by category

124 000 UAH

Protected by external waterproofing (topcoat) from the influence of high groundwater levels
  • Completenessь cups – 10 years old
  • Bowl cover – 2 of the year

165 000 UAH

  • Protected by external waterproofing (topcoat) from the influence of high groundwater levels;
  • protected by a hydro-barrier ball from the influence of possible aggressive phenomena in the water (chemical overdose, thermal disturbance, unstandardized PH, etc.)
  • Completenessь cups – 25 years old
  • Bowl cover – 2 of the year

237 000 UAH

"Standard" + full reinforcement and insulation of the bowl (THERMOS)

  • Completenessь cups – 50 years old
  • Bowl cover – 2 of the year

The color of the pool to choose from

цвет бассейна - цвет воды

compositeLeader-th pool 2- it combines style and functionality. The unique and elegant design of the pool leader-2 looks great in the backyard of your site. pool design created depth with a smooth transition for those, who loves sports and entertainment. Pool is large enough, namely 8 m, there is a good solution for recreation.

Leader-2 characterized by non-standard form, thereby attracting the attention of others. Swimming pool with variable depth from 1,1 m to 1,6 m, because steps are arranged so, to rest comfortably in and out of the pool. gradual depth increase convenient for young fans of water recreation. Then your child will quickly learn to swim pool. Comfortable sofas on both sides of the bowl are a cozy seating area. Бассейн популярен у жителей примоских областей. Вот, одна из чаш, отправлена в Одессу

Photo swimming Leader-2, The standard set by the company

Pools Leader-2

Features Fiberglass Pools Leader-2

Pool fiberglass Leader-2 is designed for adults and children.

From 8-meter length, Fiberglass Pools Leader-2 will attract the owners of country houses, recreation, host, where a marker for the professional swimming pond.

Benefits of swimming pools Leader-2

The advantages of the bowl-2 leader include:

►Otsutstvie difficulties during installation:

Pool is made of composite materials, namely molded cup. And the installation of this model does not have any difficulty, If the area will be groundwater. A big plus the pool - it is an opportunity to reinstall.

►Nyzkaya teploprovodyomost:

Pool is warm and comfortable to use. (concrete pools, usually cold)

►Kompozitny Pool Elite is manufactured and tested in the factory.

►Prost in service:

cleaning holds 15-20 minutes per week.

pool ►Pokrytie smooth, resistant to sunlight.

basic equipment

Equipment for swimming pools

basic equipment

*Warranty 2 года на устойчивость покрытия чаши к абразивному истиранию и температурному воздействию. Warranty 25 years on the mechanical strength of the bowl.

Composite pools are delivered directly from our factory ready to install. We can offer both delivery and Pickup. Shipping cost is calculated separately.

Pools Etalon will be ready for use within 7 days *, after your first contact with our company. Installing the pool is carried out by our experts, that ensures:
– quality installation;
– long life;
– warranty service the pool;

We are pleased to offer after-sales service, special rates and a convenient schedule of our work. This will allow you to get even more pleasure from your pool operation.
Experts come to you with the necessary equipment and a complete set of chemical reagents. After the first visit of the object fixed service book, which records visits, work performed and the call graph is compiled.

Find prices, order of composite pools Etalon, delivery or installation can be on our website.
Also, the information you can get on the phone:
+38 067 112 00 22 or send a request via e-mail: etalon.grebinki@gmail.com

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