Turnkey concrete pools

Concrete pools are ideal for those, who wants to pamper themselves with the creation of a special shape of the pool.
Actually, concrete pools give an idea of ​​strength and flexibility, freedom of choice of form, size and coverage.
Best Feature of Concrete Pools – this, undoubtedly, the ability to fully adapt them to any need. Designed and custom made, they can take any shape and integrate into any environment, whether indoors or outdoors in your garden. The choice of reinforced concrete guarantees the highest level of customization, allowing you to set any type of options, from mosaics to colored cladding, from hydromassage nozzles to countercurrent swimming system .

Concrete pool construction

When building a pool, you should always remember, that this is a laborious process, so you should rely on professionals. The construction of a concrete pool has several stages:

After that, how the measurements will be taken at the exact point, where the pool will be installed, the first step is to excavate. For convenience, this operation should be performed by mechanical means., who will have to excavate, exceeding the final dimensions of the pool, to comfortably hold the structure of the pool.

After completing vehicle operations, the cut angles are manually determined, smoothing the perimeter and shaping the square.

After that, how is the land prepared, you can proceed to create the foundation, installation wooden formwork, which will serve to demarcate the concrete mix to achieve the desired shape.

Before, how concrete will harden, walls reinforce: profiled reinforcement bars will be used for the construction of the pool walls. At this stage there will be special holes for skimmers, ventilation holes and niches for lighting , to have the necessary space to install them later, avoiding the risk of damaging them during the construction of the walls.

When the concrete is dry, the wooden structure can be removed.

If you decide to cover your pool with tiles or stones, at this stage it is also necessary to add a bentonite seam, to avoid pressure drops.

Then we proceed with the installation of the technical room., which will contain the filter and other components, necessary for the operation of the pool. In this case, it was decided to build it in masonry.
All pipes in the system start from here and will be inserted inside the oversized pipes, established in the second phase.

After that, how the main part will be completed, can be arranged the end.

At this stage, everything system components (skimmers, jets, sockets and niches for lighting) can be placed and fixed on the wall, filling the hole space, prepared in the third stage, concrete.

It is also possible to cover outer part of the technical structure insulating membrane before, how to bury it completely. It is also recommended at this stage to check that all pipes and connections in the system are working correctly..
At the end of this stage, the structure can be filled again .

Finally, positioned cladding. Reinforced concrete pools make it possible to customize the coverage, going to all materials, from reinforced membrane to stones. In this case, a mosaic covering was chosen..

Filling the pool with water

Accessories and decoration

At this point, you can leave room for your imagination.: from a concrete staircase, inserted inside the pool, before installing hydromassage nozzles, from trampoline before the counterflow system. Will also be installed filtration system and all pipes connected to it, and electrical system for food spotlights, that will illuminate the water in your pool.

Concerning inner cover basin, you can choose between different solutions:

  • Reinforced PVC , available in many colors, as well as with spectacular prints to create very special effects.
  • Mosaics in various colors and sizes guarantee elegance, which is difficult to compare with other materials.
  • Different types of tiles, with which it will be possible to create drawings on the bottom and walls of the pool, for a truly unique pool.
The choice of a reinforced concrete pool is by far the best from an aesthetic point of view., так и с точки зрения фактора сопротивления и продолжительности во времени. Метод строительства – traditional, гарантирующий хорошее качество и высокую надежность. Отличительной особенностью бассейнов из бетона является также высокий уровень возможной индивидуализации: you can solve everything, from the inner lining to the edge of the perimeter, от установки внутренней лестницы до установки трамплина.
We build concrete pools throughout Ukraine. Планируете строительство частного бассейна или же бассейна для развлекательного комплекса, call +38 067 112 00 22.

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