construction of pools

Construction and installation of turnkey basins!

If you have already built your beautiful house and engaged in arrangement for a comfortable living and recreation, it's time to think about construction of the pool turnkey. Maybe, you have decided to make a gift to your family and have a comfortable rest area in the country? Anyway, you just need to pool arrangement, and we offer you pool construction Turnkey in Kiev at the lowest prices with the widest range of additional services for the construction.

Pool in the garden – great fun. However, its design requires many important decisions.. Pool shape, cup size and material, filters and accessories, with which the garden pool should be equipped, are the most important. Although the shape and size of the garden pool is not an issue, choice of material for the pool – not the easiest. Learn about the materials, with the help of which the construction of the pool will definitely turn out.

What you need, to begin construction of the swimming pool in the house? first, this is the exact definition of the pool location, in particular, eyeliner water and sewage to the selected installation site built pool. Conveniently, when the house has a sauna, have a number of small and large swimming pool, which will refresh and give strength. That is why the construction of swimming pools turnkey Kiev makes our services on the Ukrainian market demand and beneficial to the customer. We offer a full range of services for the construction of swimming pools in Kiev, from production to installation of turnkey pool on site.

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It's so nice to have a pool on his personal site, when at any moment it is possible to arrange a vacation for family and friends. Construction of the pool in the country imposes certain conditions on the part of the customer, that he should perform. first, This choice of location for the construction of the pool. It is undesirable to have a number of trees, as their root system can disturb the stability of the cup, and the leaves will be constantly pollute the water in the pool. Construction of the outdoor swimming pool also provides its arrangement on the sunny side of the open area.

Swimming pool construction turn-key technology in Kiev and the construction of swimming pools involves the installation of the pool in a special primer, which is suitable for the construction of turnkey pool. Type of soil is determined by drilling, that determines the total guarantee of quality and stability of the pool. Construction of the pool on the site also provides water supply and sewerage, as well as electricity to the chosen place of installation of the pools.

Construction of swimming pools in Kiev provides for the complete site preparation for the future construction of a swimming pool on a selected area separately turnkey, as well as full training documentation.

"Etalon" The company offers design and pool construction turnkey,

as well as offers the following services, to prepare the installation of pools turnkey:

  • space layout for the construction and installation of the indoor swimming pool and an open pool;
  • excavation for the construction of swimming pools, as well as the removal of soil;
  • filling of the low-lying places chosen for the construction of the swimming pool and the base unit for bowl basin;
  • construction of swimming pools in Kiev, followed gartsovkoy (filling of special construction with a mixture formed between the cavity and the walls of the bowl basin pit, for stability and a long service life of pool);
  • manufacture of a reinforced concrete slab.

All of the above types of services, offered the company "Standard" for the construction of turnkey basins in Kiev, are included in the construction of the pool, the price includes the entire range of services, from production to installation of turnkey pool.