The company Etalon – Producers of pools and other products made of composite materials

The company Etalon, specializing in production of composite pools of various shapes and sizes. After many years of experience, today we have more 20 bowls of composite pools.
At the moment, we are the largest manufacturer of swimming pools in Ukraine.
All pools construction, made by us, our products are exclusively.

Why does the company Etalon?

  1. we are engaged in manufacturer of composite pools:

  • Pools of all shapes and sizes
  • Pools of any color
  • Pools with any pattern on the bottom
  • Pools with a decorated frieze

2. Installation of composite pools

For more information about how the installation of pools, see here

3. Maintenance of composite pools:

4. also we produce pavilions for pools. We offer other coverings for swimming pools.

5. Our company offers not only swimming pools, but also a number of products, which greatly increase the comfort of use, and contribute to security in the bath

6. we are engaged in lamination concrete pools.

Etalon is growing dynamically and rapidly. Using the best raw materials for the production of composite products, We provide a very high standard of offered products.

In addition to the composite pools, we also produce many other products made of composite materials:

  1. Landscaping Products

  • fountains
  • shops, benches
  • Table with bench
  • Pergolas
  1. agricultural products

  • bunker, silos for bulk materials
  • Houses for animals
  • Thermo-stoves
  1. Products for the home, cottages and leisure

  • bath
  • boats
  • Showers and toilet cabins
  • sandbox
  • Children's slides
  1. other products

  • mobile Thermo
  • Advertising stele
  • Capacities made of plastic for water
  • fiberglass monuments

Production be in the Kiev region