Shower and toilet cubicles

Each faced with a very delicate and vital theme, as the search for a toilet in the park, in the town, on the beach and elsewhere, where bio-toilet is a must. Solve the problem with the toilet cubicles in the city - just. Etalon company is engaged in manufacture of toilet stalls made of composite materials.

Izdelie Description

Very often there is a question of providing people with comfortable access to the toilet outside the house or in the field, where there is no water supply and sewerage. Such a task is assigned to the organizers of mass events, guidance of public beaches, chiefs of construction sites, parks and just, when a person needs the toilet, let us say, at their summer cottage. To date, the most profitable and effective way to provide people with the toilet in public places is an equipment of places toilet stall.

In this way, for a relatively small fee, You buy to avoid unsanitary conditions there, Where, it would seem that, it's impossible.

toilet cabins

Price biotualeta – 32 000 UAH

Price toilet cabin – 27 000 UAH

Shower cabins

Buy showers of composite materials can have. Etalon company is engaged in manufacturing shower stalls.

Price shower – 36 000 UAH