"Etalon" company is a manufacturer of high qualitybins for bulk materials reinforced polymeric resin. You can Buy silo for bulk materials under the order with the options you want. In order to order the bunker you need to contact our managers, provide them with the desired characteristics of your bunker and agree on the price of the bunker.

Izdelie Description

Manufacture of plastics hoppers

Our bunker are widely used in the agricultural sector, as well as during storage and packaging of bulk materials. The main differences from the iron bunker silo is the ability to create the desired shape with a smooth and rounded radii, that allows you to get rid of the problems with getting stuck in the field of bulk materials railway junction plates. Also, due to the ease of our polymer resin hopper can be quickly transported, set.

Possible to produce silos as the open top, and completely sealed.


The advantages of fiberglass bins

Silage installation of the polymeric resin have several advantages over conventional barns or metal plates. These include:

  • greater than that of metal silos capacity;
  • appropriate conditions for the storage equipment in a fresh and usable condition;
  • ease of loading / unloading the contents;
  • the possibility of disassembling the structure;
  • ease of transport and installation due to ease of polymer;
  • integrity;
  • affordable price;
  • low cost of maintenance and service;
  • long-life.

Also, when ordering the bunker it is possible to place your logo right on the hopper.

on bunker prices


4 m³ - 25 000 UAH
height of 2,68m diameter 1,58m
100kg weight
metal construction - Check price

8 m³ - 41 000 UAH
height 4,57 m diameter 2 m
the weight 150 kg
metal construction - Check price

12,5 m³ - 51 000 UAH
height 4,57 m diameter 2,14 m
the weight - 200 kg
metal construction - Check price

15 m³ - 74 000 UAH
height 4,93 m diameter 2,4 m
the weight - 220 kg
metal construction - Check price

20 m³ - 110 000 UAH
height 6 m diameter 2,3 m
the weight - 250 kg
metal construction - Check price