Houses for animals

"Standard" is engaged in manufacture of pens for calves

Houses for animals

Thanks to individual plastic houses, the risk of cross-infection of animals is minimized.

Izdelie Description

Advantages of individual pens for animals:

• Health

The technology enables to produce plastic houses for calves without joints and seams with a smooth surface. Because of this dirt does not accumulate anywhere, and the house itself is easy to clean. Due to the relative ease of the plastic house you will not have problems with cleaning and change of bedding.

• Fresh air and a pleasant climate

Outdoors calves do not suffer from drafts and have enough fresh air. The combination of fresh air, isolation and an adequate supply of daylight ensures, that the animals will be strong, healthy and resistant to disease. Moreover, extremely low temperatures are not a problem for calves. undoubtedly, Plastic house gives calf sufficient protection against low temperatures due to a sufficient depth canopy.

• Easy monitoring

Installing plastic houses for calves near a dairy farm, you can always keep the young under the supervision of. You will be able to separately look after each calf, because they develop unevenly and require an individual approach. Should you have any doubts about the health or development of the calf, You will be able to take immediate action.

• The content of calves

Modular calf successfully operated at low temperatures. Calves are kept comfortable in our houses during the harsh winter, when the temperature permanently falls to around minus 30, as it was this year. Despite the chill in the house is always warm and dry.


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