Ships and boats

Thanks to the properties of fiberglass, our boats and boats have the required strength, ease and maneuverability. Also, thanks to the possibility of various shapes, our boats can satisfy any buyer., because. give you the comfort you need and take into account the chosen shape of the boat or cutter. Also, in terms of most characteristics, our boats are not inferior to boats and small boats made of aluminum..

Izdelie Description


Fishing boat 4-seater 5,1х1,1х0,46 – 32 000 UAH

Fishing boat 1-seater 2,3х1,0х0,42 – 15 000 UAH

Boat Jet Gull-390 4-month 3.97х1.41х0.53 – 38 000 UAH

Boat Jet Gull-270 2-seater 2.64х1.27х0.43 – 30 000 UAH

Boat oars (2) 1000 UAH


To the main advantages of boats

fiberglass and fiberglass boats can be attributed: increased comfort, security, as for the one who is inside the boat, and for others, as well as compactness and all kinds of boat structures.All this we have achieved thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials.

Fiberglass boats can be used for various purposes: walk, fishing, search work, leisure

You can buy a fiberglass boat or boat from us. A choice of ready-made models is possible, such as "Sport", "Baby", Dolphin and others, as well as upgrade or order a new model. Equipped with a motor is also possible.

Due to the properties of fiberglass, boats and boats made of this material are lightweight and can be easily transported to the place of launching, and also easy to operate on the water, whether the motor is installed or not.

You can buy a boat by calling +380671120022 or by ordering a call from the site.