Waste container

waste containers


Width – 1400 mm

Depth – 1400 mm

Height – 1760 mm

price – 26 000 UAH

Size: 140cm x 140cm x 176cm (LxWxH)

Izdelie Description

fiberglass containers

It intended for separate collection of solid waste.

SEC-2,5 container complies with international standards for the separate collection of municipal waste, and has proven itself in Europe.

Containers SEC-2,5 are used for selective collection: packaging materials (glass, paper, cardboard, Polymers and Plastics); textiles; skin; rubber (except tires).

waste containers

Fiberglass containers are the most popular collection containers for sorted municipal waste. They meet the high requirements, for containers for collection of sorted waste. Containers have high wear resistance, but their design is such, that the contents can hardly be withdrawn without the use of specialized equipment. In their capacity as you will convince a 5-year warranty period, that we could not provide without the use of high quality materials and high-quality processing of individual parts.


  • made of fiberglass with high mechanical strength,
  • All metal parts are treated by hot dip galvanizing,
  • external surface has a high resistance to weathering and chemicals,
  • laminated container logos are applied on, inscriptions, numbers, etc.,
  • color on request,
  • designed for the collection of sorted and recyclable municipal solid waste


  • for emptying a hydraulic crane,
  • contents of the container are poured through its lower part,
  • type A – bottom hinge placed at the perimeter of the container, • Type B – bottom loops arranged on a common central console,,
  • version for PAPER - rods inside the container are arranged along the internal walls thus, so as not to impede the devastation