Children's sandboxes

Height – 2 m
Diameter – 3 m
Board – 0,2 m
Support diameter – 75 mm

Izdelie Description

The children's sandbox is an integral part of the playground in the country., in the courtyard, in kindergarten. It performs a very important function in the development of any child., sandbox game develops – creation, logic, planning, ability to communicate, curiosity and even the musculoskeletal system.
What is important is the fact, what sandbox, which are represented by our company, made from environmentally friendly composite materials, which are absolutely harmless to the health of children and adults, have excellent shockproof properties, are resistant to temperature and moisture changes.
External sandbox cover – gelcoat, special material, made of synthetic resin. The coating is resistant to aggressive media, chemical and thermal exposure, UV – radiation, it provides high wear resistance and durability. The color range of the coating has more than a hundred colors and shades. Thanks to such a coating, the sandbox will retain its impeccable appearance for a long time..
The sandbox is easy to clean, It does not require additional painting. It has an octagonal shape, consists of two parts, therefore it is easy to transport. Thanks to the wide rims, children can sit on the sandpit, and the fungus – protect the child from the scorching sun or rain
Excellent addition of a playground in the country, in the courtyard, in kindergarten. After sandbox is made of a composite material, which has excellent shockproof effect. It has a resistance to temperature extremes, but also not afraid of water.

The price of the sandbox – 22 000 UAH

The price of the fungus – 22 000 UAH