mobile Thermo

мобильный дом ТОВ ВКФ Эталон

garden house, country house, shopping pavilion, home house builder, fisher-hunter house.

Dimensions of the mobile house:

Length 5050.

Width 2450.

Height 2210.

Area 11.0 m2.

volume 22.0 m3.

Izdelie Description

mobile Thermo - this is a completely finished house in which immediately after its installation you can bring personal belongings and live, the house is suitable for permanent and temporary residence, without registration with land management services, BTI, etc..

Thermo house made made of heavy-duty material - fiberglass,insulated with polyurethane pin. In such a house it is comfortable and in 30 - degree heat and frosty (to - 30 ° C) and windy weather. Depending on the purpose, the house can be equipped with drinking water tanks, household appliances, furnishings, trade equipment, necessary communications (ventilation, plumbing, heating, etc.) and so on. The floor frame is made of a profile pipe 60x40x3 and sheathed with chipboard, insulated and waterproofed with fiberglass. The frame provides a mounting point for transportation and loading.

Thermal house dimensions: area - 11 м², length - 5,05 m; width -2,45 m, height - 2,21 m.

How can you use a mobile thermohome?

• Rest house by the sea or lake;
• Inexpensive hostels for a recreation center, camp;
• Service premises for security, servants;
• Office space, score;
• Houses for dumping settlements;
• Country country house;
• Fishing, hunting lodge;
• Guest House;
• Sauna, bathroom.

Interior decoration and interior at the request of the customer

Mobile homes are multifunctional structures, providing comfort and mobility movements. Depending on the destination, they are equipped with drinking water reservoirs, heating, household appliances, furnishings, commercial equipment and even portable toilets. The ideal trailer is mobile House, insulated with special materials. This trailer provides the comfort and convenience even in the frosty and windy weather. Move the van from one place capable of almost any car, it does not require a special driver's category.
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Thermohouse price - 200 000 UAH