Thermo-plate universal

Thermo-electric cooker, made of durable material - fiberglass, which has the advantages, as the moisture resistance and resistance to atmospheric and biological effects. Inside the thermal plate is a special heating element (infrared film), which allows even heat distribution over the entire plane. Infrared heating has many advantages over conventional methods of heating.

Izdelie Description

Application and use of thermo-plates

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Our thermo-plate clean, safe for animal and human health, wear, economic, They do not require special care, They have a long life - therefore, the range of their application is wide enough.
Protection against humidity makes it possible to install them in pig buildings, poultry, Telyatnikov, zoos, stalls, etc.. without additional sealing. Thermo-plate can be used for drying shoes, warming feet. On the thermal plate can be dried fruit, vegetables or herbs, maintaining color and nutrients and vitamins.
To reduce heat loss of thermo-insulation plate 6 mm insulation layer, thus reducing the power consumption by half.


Length - 1 m

Ширина — 0.53 m

price - 4 000 UAH