ламинирование бетонного бассейна

Laminating and waterproofing

Our system lamination is the most modern method of waterproofing coatings, such as floors, reservoirs (swimming pools, fountains) decks of ships, etc.. d., thanks to fast application (spraying) and long service life (> 30 years without maintenance).

This method is more innovative, than ever before, in the field of construction, with the rapid development of its use, since its properties are almost “magical”, while its applications are numerous.

Why do you need lamination of concrete structures

Energy saving

Anti-corrosion protection

Longer service life

Enormous mechanical strength

Contact with drinking water and chlorine allowed

Surface without joints or seams

Photos from the object of lamination of a concrete pool

Areas of activity for lamination and waterproofing of Etalon company

Building, projects

  • Roof waterproofing

  • Waterproofing underground

  • Garage, flooring

  • Bathrooms – Shower


  • fountains

Infrastructure projects

  • Deck coverings

  • Railway lines

  • Dams

  • Tunnels

  • Airport floors

  • Heavy duty stations


  • Waterproofing water tanks

  • Wastewater – Fuel – Chemical substances

  • Sewer pools

  • Coating for pipes and industrial equipment

Spaces of special requirements.

Floor coverings in:

  • Chemical laboratories

  • Sanitary rooms

  • Industrial premises

  • Parking buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Loading and unloading stations

Other spheres

  • Waterproofing areas with water

  • Deck rust protection

  • Floating floors

  • Waterproofing – protection of ships

Deck laminating

High-quality waterproofing will allow avoiding unjustified costs for eliminating leaks in the future!

Concrete surface lamination cost – 2 400 square meter