Composite pools in Ukraine

The price of composite pools

Etalon company for many years engaged in the production of composite pools. We offer you high-quality swimming pools made of composite materials. Our pools are ready to use immediately during commissioning, they are the perfect solution for those of you, who want to quickly and easily become the owners of swimming pools.

As one of the leading companies in Ukraine, we provide a wide range of services, from design garden pool, organization and transportation, finishing installation of pools and pavilions for pools in the house or at the customer's site.

Рынок стекловолоконных бассейнов не имеет для нас секретов. Мы знаем последние тенденции, technical innovation and the best materials. Look prices for composite pools, You can open this page any suitable bowl.

Pools of Etalon, the so-called "ready pool" – This composite fiberglass pools, are correctly applied to the shape of the pool. For the production of the company Etalon uses components of the highest quality, known suppliers worldwide.

Due to climate warming in Ukraine, pool in the garden was the desire of more and more people. The standard offers high-quality composite pools, made us, which is much less than the cost of production and assembly, than the concrete. Reference – one of the few in Ukraine, which simultaneously manufactures and assembles its own pools together with necessary equipment

Advantages of composite pools

Depending on your needs, Pool is always possible to upgrade and adapt to our customers:

  1. You can choose any basin color.
  2. At the bottom of your pool can be any 3D-graphic, as well as decorated with a frieze on the edge of the pool.
  3. Your pool can be protected from groundwater.
  4. The pool can be further insulated.

As a manufacturer of swimming pools, we do not limit ourselves to building Pool-building in Kiev. We care about our customers, поэтому они могут рассчитывать на профессиональные консультации и помощь. Мы учтем все замечания и пожелания, creating a garden pools, indoor pools or saunas, completely adapted to the individual needs.

basic equipment
Optional equipment


Why does the company Etalon


choosing us, you get special advantages:

  1. Products directly from the manufacturer, created in progressive European equipment, with the latest technology and certified materials;
  2. A wide range of products (18 kinds of bowls for pools);
  3. High speed order execution;
  4. professional staff, has many years of practical experience in this field, as manufacturing and construction of swimming pools;
  5. guarantee: 25 years on the integrity of the product and 2 year on its cover;
  6. Possibility of warming pools (This service is only available in our company).
  7. Consultants can help with the choice of the bowl and filtration equipment, talk about the intricacies of the outdoor pool preservation and much more.