павильон для бассейна


Etalon company manufactures and installs various types of coverings:

  • coverings for swimming pools
  • greenhouses
  • visors
  • covering for cars.

Coverings for pools

If you already own a pool, which stands in an open area, care should be taken, that buy a pavilion for the pool. Someone might say - why do we need a pavilion for the pool, it's just a protection from falling leaves and insects, easier to clean the pool, than to buy Pavilion.

But in fact, the daily cleaning of the pool - it's a waste of time and money, is the more valuable. Why spend money on extra work, if you can buy a pavilion for the pool and enjoy the clean in all respects Leisure activities.

Reducing the evaporation of water from the basin and saving heat mirror - the main task of the solar coating. This effect is achieved due to the special shape of the film in the form of bubbles, employees lenses for heating in sunny weather, reflectors heat during the nighttime and retaining it afloat.

On the advantages of Trampoline coverings for swimming pools We can talk endlessly.

First of all, This universal coverage for all types of pools - concrete, film, fiberglass, polypropylene, etc.. d., Despite their size, shape and depth.

Secondly, Bouncer protects debris from pool, leaves, etc..

Thirdly, this coating will not give you, your children or to pets fall into the water.

Besides, Trampoline cover retains the water temperature decreases and evaporation in 80 %, that saves water, and electricity.

Solar film reduces water evaporation to 95 %, which will provide water savings of 50000,00 – 75000,00 liters per year, depending on the size of the pool.

Almost all heat loss occurs at the surface of the pool. Solar film prevents evaporation and keep the water temperature in the basin, which will reduce the cost of electricity and heating up 50%.


Greenhouses for industrial and domestic use. Resistant to weather conditions and provides maximum protection. Your private garden greenhouse polycarbonate. We provide a greenhouse for self-assembly, which do not require foundations. We guarantee the highest quality models, durable construction and the lowest price. Industrial greenhouses allows plants to grow more and, Consequently, raise wages. industrial greenhouses, resistant to all weather conditions, It is an excellent choice for professional growers and gardeners. Read more about greenhouses turnkey

Coverings for cars

Canopy of the polycarbonate for the car of our production can be quite varied! What problem needs to be solved, such avtonaves we will produce and. Under how many cars, Metalworking preferences, the type and color of polycarbonate, all take into account at the design stage. Also advise and choose the necessary constructive – arched, gable, odnoskatnыy, Cascade or console avtonaves. You will definitely get the highest quality product with warranty! We produce reliable automobile awnings, that can withstand any climatic load (snow, city, storm wind).


Roofs of our production can effectively decorate any house facade, giving it a special charm and functionality. Designed and manufactured high quality experts on the equipment, our visors will last you at least 10 years old, giving you comfort in use!