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Greenhouse – this design, which provides the necessary conditions for the plant during unfavorable weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, or even season unforeseen. Inside, there is always the optimal conditions for plant growth. it solution is recommended for all, who are passionate about or lovers or for industry, wishing to maximize profits from agriculture.

Depending on your needs, We offer a variety of models, which surely will meet the requirements of even the most demanding gardeners.

Why do you need a greenhouse?

Many gardeners wonder: whether greenhouse essential element of the garden, and whether it will work in every case,? Although it is not required, it definitely makes it easier to reproduction in areas with variable or adverse weather conditions for the species. Greenhouses are ideal for:

  • cultivation of thermophilic and edible plants,
  • growing plants, are not adapted to our climate,
  • year-round cultivation of plants and vegetables on farms.

Design can vary depending on the model and application. Our greenhouses have a frame made of galvanized steel profiles. The frame is covered by polycarbonate plates or other protective material – glass, foil or plastic with heat insulating properties. However, the most effective solution is coated polycarbonate, which is supported by several peculiarities: it is very durable, good isolates and protects against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Our offer includes greenhouses:

  • home applications,
  • narrow areas and gardens,
  • large areas – greenhouses, expandable to further segments,
  • Industrial applications for farmers and producers.
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