What is the price of a turnkey pool


There is no standard price for the pool: it all depends on, what do we want to achieve.

Расчет стоимости строительства стационарного бассейна зависит от многих нюансов:

  • outdoor pool or indoor (estimate of the open object – more budget);
  • dimensions and shape of the bowl;
  • the complexity of the filtration system (large pools should be equipped with powerful filters);
  • installation of additional equipment (wave, hydromassage installations, waterfalls, fountains and stuff);
  • the complexity of the decorative finish of the pool.

Whether it's an underground pool or not, the price range can vary infinitely depending on the choice of materials, size and many other factors.

Best advice – always ask for an offer directly from the supplier, which will provide you with all the details.

Мы можем помочь Вам сориентироваться в ценовой политике на строительстве бассейна, узнав Ваши пожелания

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